Photographer / Writer


Email: kyle.meyr@gmail.com


Norway — +47 950 44 940

Located: Oslo, Norway

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kylemeyrjournalist

Sony Alpha Ambassador

I tell stories with photos and words.




I am a storyteller wielding a camera and a pen. I have always seen life through a lens, a fantastic glaze through which the everyday becomes unique and amazing.

This is what I sought to build my life on, to offer my interpretations for the enjoyment of others. Thus, I picked up my first camera and earned a degree in journalism to cultivate and build a talent around story-telling.

These expertise are what I can now offer clients like Reebok, Red Bull, Universal Music, Betsafe, Salomon Sports, Intersport, Moroccan Oil and many more assorted artists and events. I am a writer of all sorts and a photographer able to tell stories through experiences, products, events and people; here to make your brand as amazing as possible!


Thank you for exploring my work. Do not hesitate to let me know what you think on the 'Contact' section. Let's team up to make magic!